Kid's Spaces

With an educational background in child development and over 20 years of childcare experience, I can help you set your space up so that it is fun, safe, and developmentally appropriate for your home or childcare setting.


Seasonal clothing storage can be overwhelming. A streamlined system makes all the difference. Let me help you organize by size and season so you don’t dread the big swap each Spring and Fall, and you know right where everything is-saving you time and money.

Room or Childcare Facility

Consider an annual, quarterly, or monthly organization in which all the trash, broken toys, party favors, get separated from the quality toys you have invested in. Kids thrive in a simplified space, I can even help customize a toy and book rotation. Play is the work of childhood-let’s make room for that together!

Whole House

The kids’ things can tend to take over adult spaces. I would love to help streamline the home and find good storage solutions so everyone can feel at home throughout the house.

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